At The Retirement Co., We take the fear out of money by ensuring a lifetime of income to pursue the retirement you envision. When you have diligently built your standard of living with a lifetime of work, you deserve to have a secure retirement you can feel confident about. We want to help you protect what you’ve built and design a retirement plan that serves you, your family, and your legacy.
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Bruce Elfenbein Is in the business of serving his community with straightforward planning and a solid work ethic. After graduating from the University of Maryland, Bruce became successful in sales and marketing for a national franchise. He led many entrepreneurs to success and felt satisfaction in knowing that he could have a positive impact on the lives of others. Bruce fell into financial services on the side and became a top agent nationwide. It was here that everything changed; Bruce realized the significant difference he could make in people’s lives through financial services and truly fell in love with the business.
Bruce launched an independent practice because he saw the deficiencies in working with a big box firm. His independence would allow him to serve his client’s needs more efficiently, with access to various strategies for maximum impact. However, his journey would come to a halt when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. After overcoming a long battle, he would return to the career he loved, working with firms once again, before finally reopening his private practice.
Bruce believes he now has the opportunity to give back to his community as an educator, which is a dream come true. He is well known for his penned reports and studies on retirement planning and for being a contributor to the Wall Street Journal. Bruce believes in doing right by his clients; that’s why he wants to ensure they have a guaranteed paycheck well after their working years so they can live the retirement they envision.
Certified Financial Fiduciary®
At The Retirement Co., we create vehicles designed to give you a paycheck every single month in retirement for the rest of your life. We want to educate you, taking the fear out of money and giving you the confidence to pursue freedom passionately. Our team of independent advisors strives to simplify financial planning so that you can rest easy knowing that your future is secure and you are free to live the retirement you dream of.
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We believe the only adventure in retirement should be in your travels, not your portfolio. That’s why we design plans guaranteed to give you a lifetime of income. Our team is committed to helping you minimize stress in retirement with tax efficiency, social security planning, hedging for rising healthcare costs, and protecting your assets so that you have peace of mind in retirement. At The Retirement Co., we aim to secure your future so that you have the freedom you deserve to live your retirement dream.

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Take Control of Your Retirement – Educational Workshop
Wednesday, July 24th
Dickinson Public Library
4411 State Hwy 3
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